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What sort of smartphone do gamers want in 2017? For many years the answer was thought to be akin to the Nokia N-Gage, a device that looked more like a gaming console than a smartphone. As mobile gaming changed to become more in line with smartphones that relied on touch screens more and button input less, the idea of a gaming focused smartphone became a harder sell.

Now comes the new self-titled Razer Phone, coming as it does from a company that is heavily invested in delivering products to the PC gaming community, which is looking to bring a smartphone to market that is focused on the needs of gamers in 2017.

Ewan Spence

Razer Phone (Image: Ewan Spence)

The immediate impact of the phone comes from the design, which is a brutal form factor. The smooth edges and corners that are beloved by other manufacturers are replaced with a rectangular boxlike structure.

This of course echoes the look of 2016’s Nextbit Robin. Given that Razer purchased the company in January, this should not come as too much of a surprise. Razer has moved away from the various color choices to stick with a black that matches its laptop and peripherals range. If you’re familiar with the Razer styling then this phone is instantly recognisable. It’s also recognisable as a potential Robin 2, which is delightful confluence of styles.

What is missing from the Razer tick box is the Chroma lighting system. Almost every Razer peripheral has the ability for a custom LED glow, while the laptop keys are individually lit in customisable patterns. The engineering to make the Razer snake logo on the back of the Razer Phone have the Chroma effect would compromise other parts of the smartphone package, so you

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