Prop 48: Obscure Indian Gaming Compact Deserves Your Vote – Breitbart News

by Jon Fleischman 1 Nov 2014, 12:45 PM PDT post a comment

Voter turnout for this Tuesday’s election is projected to be lower than any general election in a generation. And it’s no wonder; we are in a blue state, so the statewide partisan races are largely inconsequential. And while six measures are on the ballot, none of them is a “wow” issue that would cause voter participation to spike. This column is devoted to encouraging you, if you do decide to vote, to cast a “yes” vote for what may be the most obscure measure of them all — Proposition 48, the ratification of a small gaming compact with a small Indian tribe in Central California.

While I will elaborate below, for those who care so little about this issue that this paragraph is as far as you will get before re-aiming your browser in a more interesting direction, simply put, the North Forks Indian Tribe had their ancestral reservation lands stripped from them back in the 1970s. Through a complicated, decade-long process, they got some other land designated by the federal government as their new reservation land, after proving to the satisfaction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs that their tribe had a legitimate historical nexus to the site.

North Forks (surprise!) wants to put in a casino, and the Governor signed and the legislative ratified a compact with them to do just that. Existing Indian Gaming tribes, not interested in more competition in their marketplace (which is already a monopoly) plunked down big bucks to force this compact to a public vote, and they are spending bigger bucks to now defeat it. As a conservative, I oppose this sort of government use to manipulate markets. So I’m voting yes, to support the North Forks …read more

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