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EAST BRIDGEWATER – Barbara Jones was just feet from the windows of her Spring Street home when the BB gun pellets began pinging off her house.

“I was just sitting in my recliner watching TV when all of a sudden I heard this pinging sound on the windows,” the East Bridgewater resident said. “I went out and saw the holes in the windows… I said, ‘Oh my god, somebody shot my windows!’”

When Jones called the police on March 29 at about 10 p.m., they found four holes in her front windows and BB pellets strewn not far from her house.

Thankfully, Jones said, the BB pellets weren’t strong enough to break through her home’s windows. But now, with BB gun vandals targeting – and shattering – car windows throughout the region, Jones is concerned someone is going to get hurt.

“I hope they catch them before they do hurt someone,” Jones said.

While pellet and BB guns – the weapon of choice for local vandals taking aim at car windows– may not be as lethal as real guns, they can still do plenty of damage, as victims are learning.

Since June 27, evidence of BB or pellet gun–related vandalism has been reported at dozens of homes and business in at least seven local communities: Whitman, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Raynham, Bridgewater, Halifax and Hanson.

In most cases, the recent shootings have targeted unoccupied cars parked in residential driveways, some occurring over night and others during the day but a car window was shattered by pellet gun fire as the vehicle was being driven in Weymouth Thursday night, police said..

BB and pellet guns are air guns that use compressed air to fire small pellet projectiles.

Since the March 29 shooting on Jones’ home, police

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