Pandering to the Military Won't Save NFL Players From Racist Backlash – The Nation.

Military personnel carry flags onto the field prior to an NFL football game on November 12, 2017, in Denver. (AP Photo / Jack Dempsey)

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NFL public-relations flak Brian McCarthy put the word out 16 minutes before kickoff: “NFL teams will hold moments of silence today before the National Anthem to salute our veterans & active duty service members for their service & sacrifice.”

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On Veterans Day weekend, this “salute” included team personnel wearing camouflage, players with army-green sideline gear emblazoned with American flags (available to purchase online courtesy of Nike), Armed Forces vets leading teams out of the tunnel, and network halftime specials staged at military bases.

Little of this was done out of the goodness of the NFL’s heart, and it wasn’t only because of the league’s commercial partnership with the Department of Defense. This held the overpowering stench of damage control.

The unprecedented player protests against racism, staged during the anthem, have led to an ugly backlash led

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