NFL Week 9 game picks: Broncos edge Patriots; Seahawks roll –

Let’s talk some game picks …

Look, I’m not dumb. I know you usually skip this part to get straight to your team’s blurb. I can write all I want about “The Cannonball Run” or “13 Going on 30,” and you’ll never notice. I could tell you Jennifer Garner is in fact prettier than Angelina Jolie, and you won’t argue. I might even be able to sneak some Power Rankings opinions through without thousands bashing me for not ranking the Detroit Lions and their back-to-back one-point wins higher.

@HarrisonNFL @nfl you should be replaced by an orangutan that points to team logos or an octopus. Would probably be more accurate.

— Cole Leslie (@ColeJ_L) October 29, 2014

What are your feelings on Cole Beasley? Is he the blond Rambo?

@HarrisonNFL So many people tweet me thinking I am you. HELP!

— Elliot Harrison (@ElliotHarrison) October 29, 2014

So you’re selling a teal 1993 Probe GT with an equalizer, too?

E.H., if there’s anything I know, it’s this: 1) You shouldn’t power rank, 2) you have an incredibly sexy name, and 3) pick the Broncos this week. You’ll sound cool. Good luck with your hamstrings (I read your guys’ Twitter walls. Be wary.)

Speaking of hamstrings, it’s nice to see Arian Foster healthy this year. Nobody seems to notice that No. 23 in Houston is rolling. How will his Texans do? See below. If you disagree with that or any other pick, please tweet the right Elliot Harrison, OK? It’s @HarrisonNFL.

Now, let’s get to it. …

Elliot Harrison went 10-5 on his predictions for Week 8, giving him a record of 76-44-1 so far this season. How will he fare in Week 9? His picks are below.

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