NBA Power Rankings: Is Celtics' 12-game streak enough to put them above Warriors? –

NBA viewership is up this season, locally and nationally. That’s great for the NBA and all, but nobody is really sure why. 

It might have to do with big-market franchises like the 76ers, Lakers, and Knicks being relevant all at the same time for once. It also might have to do with what’s really a great quality of basketball across the NBA. There are so few truly awful teams right now, and even they can’t be overlooked.

Noise is starting to filter out of stats, but it’s still too early to get a clear picture of how this season will take shape. The Magic look like they might be legit, and the Nuggets appear ready to make the playoffs, but how much of that is just early-season hot starts? When regression comes, as it does for everybody, how will they react? Can they survive? 

There are always two or three teams that start off well only to fall back to mediocrity, or worse, by January. One struggling team always manages to figure it all out and be okay by Christmas. That might be the Cavaliers and Thunder this season, but when someone rises another falls. Who is going to topple from the top?

Either way, this week’s power rankings see the formation of a clearer top tier — but for how long?

Biggest Movers   1 Warriors Beating the Warriors really depends entirely on the third quarter. If teams can survive it and force them into a close situation they might have a chance. However, the majority get the doors blown off of them at some point in the third. — 10-3 2 Celtics What’s even crazier about the Celtics right

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