NBA notes: Steve Pagliuca says Celtics prepared to spend what's necessary to compete – Boston Herald

Steve Pagliuca says the NBA is going “back to the future” where the salary cap is concerned.

This summer’s salary cap adjustment, which lowered the number to $99.093 million for the 2017-18 season, and set the luxury tax level at $119.266 million, took an especially draconian hit on the Celtics.

That tightened cap number is the reason Avery Bradley was introduced as a member of the Detroit Pistons last Thursday, thus giving the Celtics room to account for Gordon Hayward’s four-year, $128 million contract.

But with Isaiah Thomas demanding the arrival of his Brinks truck next summer, and Marcus Smart’s first big payday also at hand, the Celtics’ cap challenges have only begun.

So after the feel-good spirit of 2016, when an influx of new television money had teams like the Celtics spending freely, teams are going back to a previous sensibility.

“There was a time when teams had lots of cap space with the increase in revenues,” Celtics managing partner Pagliuca said last week in Las Vegas. “Now we’re entering a period where cap management becomes imperative.

“Now we’re going back to the future, where people had to work hard for cap space.”

Thus the extended process of finally signing Hayward 10 days after reaching agreement with the All-Star forward. Danny Ainge and his assistant general manager and cap guru, Michael Zarren, indeed worked hard to pull together all the moving parts.

But the Celtics are likely on the brink of a true throwback, to the days when Celtics ownership happily paid luxury taxes throughout the era of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Pagliuca isn’t sure the team will re-enter tax-land next summer, but if exceeding the tax line means once again having an annual chance of reaching the NBA Finals, then the co-owner says so be

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