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My real-life gaming achievements - Reader’s Feature Not all Achievements add to your gamerscore

A reader imagines his own gaming accomplishments as Xbox style Achievements, from playing for 24 hours straight to upgrading a PC.

Moving from GameCube to Xbox 360, the whole concept of Achievements was new to me. When the various Achievement notifications popped up in different games unexpectedly I was pleasantly surprised and delighted (I know, little things please little minds!).
There have been certain points in real-life where thinking back to them, I’ve thought, ‘If this was a game, I would have got an achievement for that…’

Off the blocks – 5G: Complete any game
I’m sure everyone that considers themself a gamer has done this at least once in their life! The first game I completed was probably Super Mario Land on Game Boy.

Perfectionist – 10G: Complete any game 100%
Something that is likely becoming more difficult and time-consuming these days due to the enormity of games, especially open world ones. The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was my first 100%. It took multiple playthroughs but I eventually found every heart piece, the secret boomerang weapon, and every secret sea shell.

DIY Sunday – 25G: Successfully mod or upgrade a PC, laptop, or gaming device
This is the one that inspired this feature. One of the first games I played when I got my Xbox 360 was Deus Ex: Human Revolution. There were a few different Achievements you attained when you upgraded the various skill trees and this had me so engrossed.

Around this time, I had a laptop that was struggling with 1GB of RAM. I could not afford a new one at this point, but doing research I

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