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Maybe you grew up seeing its timeless script adjacent to the scoreboard at the Metrodome. Maybe you remember seeing a pinstriped cone-topped bottle in your dad’s hand at a family cookout. Maybe you recall seeing headlines in 2010 when, after 153 years in production, the traditional German lager was taken off the market.

It’s this nostalgia that lifelong Gluek’s devotee Linda Rae Holcomb is hoping to tap into when she re-releases the classic beer brand to Minnesota this Memorial Day in honor of its 160th anniversary.

“Gluek is still alive in the hearts and minds of beer drinkers across the nation,” Holcomb says. “So many people have a Gluek Beer story. For people who care about the history, I can take them there and back again. It’s delightful.”

Despite the fact that Gluek’s Bar in Downtown still serves beer under the Gluek’s name and exists as a shrine to the pre-Prohibition brand, Gluek Beer has not been commercially produced since Cold Spring Brewing Co. (now Third Street Brewhouse) retired the brand seven years ago. It was a sad and unfitting end for a beer that’d been slaking the thirst of Germanic-minded drinkers since Minnesota was only a territory.

“It’s a 160-year-old brand,” Holcomb says. “It’s pre-Civil War. It’s pre-landing on the moon. Throughout American history — through World War II and all that — Gluek Beer has been there. They were one of the first beers to be sold to the military. They were one of the first brands to ever have refrigeration. They were the first to ever patent a malt liquor in the United States.”

Gottlieb Gluek, an immigrant from Allmersbach, Germany, founded the Mississippi Brewing Company in 1857 in northeast Minneapolis. It was the first production permit issued in Minnesota at the time, but Gluek wasn’t

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