MGM ‘in discussions’ with group looking to bring NHL to Las Vegas –

Gary Bettman will have to deal with some NHL Las Vegas rumors again. (USATSI)

Gary Bettman will have to deal with some more NHL-to-Las Vegas rumors in the near future. (USATSI)

It is fairly well documented that there will be a new $350 million arena fit for a major league professional franchise in Las Vegas soon. The ground has already broken, construction is already under way and there’s a lot of money behind these efforts. The arena is being built by MGM Resorts International and sports and entertainment superpower AEG, which owns the Los Angeles Kings.

The rumors have been swirling that Vegas could end up getting an NHL team to occupy that new building, which will be located near the famous Las Vegas Strip. When Dan D’Arrigo, chief financial officer of MGM Resorts, was recently asked about the idea of an NHL team coming to Sin City, he certainly didn’t shy away.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

D’Arrigo said preliminary discussions had taken place with a group interested in housing an NHL team at the MGM-AEG arena, which will have 20,000 seats, along with luxury boxes and other amenities.

D’Arrigo didn’t go into details on the talks and whether the group was looking to move an existing NHL team to Las Vegas or seeking an expansion franchise.

“We would be supportive of an NHL team coming to our arena,” D’Arrigo said. “We’re highly interested and we have been in discussions with a group.”

The fact that there are talks with a group interested in bringing the NHL to Las Vegas isn’t necessarily surprising. The idea of bringing a team from any of the major professional sports leagues in the United States to one of the top tourist cities in the country has to be appealing for a number of investors.

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