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Battery life measured in months! By Jason Cross

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Wireless gaming mice are great. Once you experience PC gaming without dragging a tether around your desk, there’s no going back. There’s just one problem: The high sensitivity, accurate tracking, and rapid report rate of premium gaming mice are all at odds with battery life. If you game for several hours a day, the battery will need charging in less than a week.

Logitech has a solution with its POWERPLAY wireless charging mouse pad, but that’s a $100 accessory that currently only works with two mice (the G903 and G703). Fortunately, Logitech now has a third solution with its new G603 mouse (See it on Amazon). Thanks to an all-new sensor and electronics, it delivers 500 hours of continuous gaming on a pair of AA batteries, or a whopping 1,400 hours of non-gaming use. According to Logitech, at least. This is potentially a wireless gaming mouse with a charge measured in months, not days. We’ve put it through its paces to find out how it stacks up.

Design and Features

The shape of the G603 is nearly indistinguishable from the G703. It’s got the same generic, mid-profile curve that works fairly well for those that prefer a palm grip and those who prefer a claw grip. It’s made exclusively for right-handed gamers, with the thumb buttons on the left and a gentle slope down toward the right side. It’s comfortable, but a little generic.

The left side features a pair of buttons that I found easy to reach with my

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