Limited Upside NBA podcast: The Rockets can beat the Warriors and 3 other NBA hot takes we secretly (kind of) believe – SB Nation

Listen to this week’s podcast here.

What is your unpopular NBA opinion? C’mon, we know you have one. Spill the beans!

This week, NBA writers Tim Cato and Kristian Winfield join the show as we each argue a HOT TAKE we (kind of) believe. Including:

Mike Prada on why the Rockets and Warriors are equals Winfield on why the Spurs are gonna be the toughest team in the West by the end Ben Epstein on why the Celtics won’t even make the conference finals. Cato on why the Timberwolves will miss the playoffs.

Plus, we read off and rate your unpopular opinions, some of which we believe, too! Tell us your unpopular NBA opinion and we’ll rate it, too.

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