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As you progress in poker, learn to “change gears” in response to different game conditions you face.

The key to changing gears in poker is to do so without undermining your essentially solid play.

I find it useful when teaching poker concepts to use analogies from other activities. In this column we’ll draw from the world of bicycle riding.

I started bike riding when I was fairly young — about eight. That was when most of us rode very simple bicycles with just one speed, raised handle bars, a relatively fat and cushioned seat, and a foot brake that worked by pressing backwards.

This bike was heavy, with wide tires and a welded metal frame. But it was sturdy and reliable. Since our terrain was relatively flat, this simple one-speed bike easily satisfied the job of going to and from school or to a friend’s house.

As I got older I took an interest in more serious and challenging riding. I decided I wanted to join the group of high school kids who went on long and sometimes overnight trips over more varying terrain. Though I could still use my one-speed bike, I would have to stand up on the bike for hills to exert the extra pressure on the pedals required to move it uphill.

For these trips, my heavy, basic, one-speed bike was inefficient. What was called for was a serious upgrade to a bicycle we called a “ten-speeder” or racing bike.

The many “speeds” or “gears” provided a huge leap in productivity. Rather than having to slow my RPMs when I hit a hill, I could change speeds so my RPMs stayed relatively the same. This proved much more efficient, allowing me to bike much further and faster with less

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