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Do you want a split keyboard that allows the hands, arms and shoulders to sit at a more natural angle while typing, or a fully-programmable gaming keyboard with extensive macro support? Kinesis, makers of the Freestyle Edge mechanical gaming keyboard, say why not both?

Kinesis has been designing and manufacturing ergonomic keyboards since 1992, a couple of years before Microsoft’s Natural Keyboard came along and put curvy boards on the map. They’re the company responsible for the Advantage line, featuring a unique contoured design that… well, just look at it.

I need this. Do I need this? I probably don’t need this.

In 2007 the company introduced the Freestyle Solo, a keyboard made up of two halves joined together by a cable. The two-part construction gives users a lot of flexibility in setting up their desktop workspace. The two halves can be kept close together to mimic a standard keyboard. They can be separated to allow for differing shoulder widths or to accommodate peripherals like microphones. Depending on the user’s needs, one half of the keyboard can be pushed out of the way entirely.

The most recent standard Freestyle model, the Freestyle 2.

But what none of Kinesis’ models have had up to this point was any sort of dedicated gaming functionality. In fact, there’s not been a lot of overlap between the ergonomic and gaming keyboard segments at all. There are several split boards out there that offer more than enough configuration options to handle gaming functions. The Ergodox EZ is certainly more than capable, but it also features a non-standard layout that takes a lot of learning.


To fill this obvious hole, Kinesis formed Kinesis Gaming and introduced the Freestyle Edge.

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