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– Hey, someone is crashing the party. Look who’s going to join us–

– That’s my dog.

– —Justin Turner.

– His ears must be burning.

– Let’s move over–

– Leading the way.

– –give him some room here. So we’re just talking about him and magically he appears.

– Congrats, baby, congrats.

– I love it.

– Awesome.

– Turner joining us on the set.

– Boom!

– Lead the way, baby.

– His ears– Justin, your ears must have been ringing, man.

– To the moon.

– Hey, you missed it. You should have came down. I was on the machine before the game.


– All right, so we are live on the set here in Dodgers Stadium.

– Yes, sir.

– We are live, buddy.

– You’re live.

– You were in the machine. We got to get down there.

– On that machine, where were you at?

– So J.T., that one feel pretty good off the bat, I guess?

– I didn’t know. I didn’t know. I hit it high. It got in on me a little bit, but, you know, it’s 98 degrees here in October. So when it’s hot at Dodgers Stadium, the ball flies pretty good.

– I had a question for you. What were you thinking after that pitch was called a strike down in the way?

– I was a little upset. I asked Phil, hey, where you got that? I got it down and off the plate. And he said it was a– I can’t say what he said it was. He said it was a really good pitch. And then you step out of the box and you try to clear your mind, reset, and just try to battle.

Dallas had good stuff tonight. He

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