Jim Fossel: Mainers too smart for casino scam – CentralMaine.com – Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Congratulations, fellow Mainers.

I knew you could do it.

While other results of Election Day this year might have been disappointing, it was extremely gratifying to see the flawed York County casino proposal go down to a historic, lopsided defeat. This was the sort of election result that shows exactly why I love this state so much, why I am always so proud wherever I go anywhere in the world to tell people I am from Maine.

You see, Mainers are smart enough to spot a raw deal from a mile away. They’re well informed enough to recognize whether a millionaire mogul from away is trying to use their wealth to hijack our citizen initiatives, whether it’s Shawn Scott trying to enrich himself or Michael Bloomberg to advance his own national agenda. Scott might have been better served financially if he had just taken all the money he spent on Question 1 and put it down at a blackjack table at Hollywood Casino in Bangor.

By defeating the York County casino proposal, we have shown to the world that Maine cannot be bought. Of course, with our elections, Maine has shown this time and time again, whether it’s with citizen initiatives or candidates — money doesn’t buy you a victory.

That’s a good thing for our state and our democracy, but it’s also a reason why one should take the endless harping on campaign finance from some with a pound of salt. It’s also a reason to be wary of some of the proposals to curtail the citizen initiative process: If terrible proposals do make it to the ballot, they can be defeated.

Though we may have, at long last, seen the last of Shawn Scott, there’s no reason to believe we’ve seen the last of these misguided casino referendums

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