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​INDIANAPOLIS – Representatives from the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers (IABR) and the Indiana Retail Council (IRC) announced an agreement on a series of policy initiatives that would affect the state’s alcohol laws. 

Both organizations say they support Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages for carry-out, without new restrictions that would impact how products are currently displayed in stores. However, the organizations are also unified in opposing the expansion of the sale of cold beer in Indiana.

The organizations also made a series of policy recommendations, including:

The IABR and the IRC believe that the sale of alcohol should be strictly regulated and that the existing regulations regarding cold beer are important safety measures. IABR and IRC strongly oppose new restrictions on the type and variety of adult beverage products sold and displayed by drug and grocery stores. IABR and IRC support significantly increasing the fines for sales to minors. Tripling the fines would generate funds that could be used to increase the number of excise officers. The IABR and the IRC support strengthening and increasing penalties for adults who host parties and furnish alcohol to minors.

While the IABR and the IRC recognize that alcoholic beverages are sold responsibly in Indiana, both organizations support changes that would require a mandatory age verification check for alcohol purchases, as well as require video monitoring or the presence of store employees in close proximity to the sale and/or display of alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association (IPCA), which represents convenience stores, says the agreement between the IABR and IRC should “call into question the credibility of both organizations,” reports

The news source cites IPCA’s statement:

“For well over a decade, the liquor store industry has vehemently opposed Sunday sales, testifying numerous times before legislative committees that

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