How to see the giant Genesee beer tanks on the Erie Canal: A tentative schedule –

WATERFORD, NY — Twelve huge beer tanks are on their way to Rochester’s Genesee Brewery, the state’s oldest brewery, via one of its oldest transportation systems: The Erie Canal.

The trip begins today at 11:30. a.m. when barges carrying the 20-foot by 60-foot tanks make their way from the Hudson River at Waterford, north of Albany, through a lock and into the canal system. The journey to Rochester is 225 miles, and, after a couple of days in Waterford, should take six to seven days.

The tanks are a key piece of a $49 million renovation and moderization project now underway at the Genesee brewery, which overlooks Rochester’s High Falls on St. Paul Street. The tanks, too large to be taken by truck on the state Thruway, will make the brewery more efficient, Genesee officials say.

The tanks’ journey down the canal also marks the official opening of the state canal system for the 2017 boating season. The opening has  been delayed for the past week by high water in the canal system.

Today also marks the beginning of a summer-long celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal. The state canal system bills itself as the “successor” to the Erie Canal, and portions of the system still use the old name.

Genesee is encouraging people to “toast” the passage of the tanks down the canal. It has released the following schedule of estimated dates  for the barges carrying the tanks to reach certain points on the canal. The schedule is tentative, because  weather and other logistical issues could cause changes.

May 19: First barge of tanks departs Port of Coeymans and enters Erie Canal at Waterford; After passing through the Waterford locks, this barge will remain in the canal in Waterford for several days until May 23, to allow

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