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Brewers aren’t afraid to take the offensive route when it comes to beer labels. That’s not a secret. Date Grape, anyone? Really? And as much as breweries claim that all labels are given approval by the female staff members, Raging Bitch continues to enrage. Maybe it’s because female staff members aren’t the only women in the world with a voice. Either way, it’s great that the Brewers Association has finally acknowledged that. Well, it’s great that the Brewers Association kind of acknowledged that.

Starting in 2017, offensive brand names that don’t meet the BA’s Marketing and Advertising code can’t use Great American Beer Festival or World Beer Cup logos when promoting award-winning beers. To be clear, those beers can still enter and still win Brewers Association competitions. If a beer with an offensive label wins, the style and the brewery will be announced as the winner, but the beer’s name won’t be said.

That’s as if the documentary, “Graphic Sexual Horror,” won an Oscar in the documentary category, but the Academy decided to only announce that Anna Lorentzon and Barbara Bell won the category instead of saying the name of the winning documentary. The academy likes well-done documentary content, but it by no means wants to have its name next to something that people might find offensive (though that hasn’t stopped them from awarding an Oscar to a sexual predator).

There’s a lot of beer out there. If the Brewers Association can’t find a single award-worthy beer that represents “the values, ideals, and integrity of a diverse culture,” then the craft beer industry has a bigger problem on its hands.

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