Hasbro Is Launching a Subscription Service for Family Games – Fortune

Hasbro will launch a new game subscription service this summer, becoming the first big toy maker to try a business model that has found success for other consumer products like razors, beauty products, and meal kits.

This summer, the toy maker behind Transformers and My Little Pony will launch the Hasbro Gaming Crate, which will ship three new curated games to subscribers. It will cost consumers $49.99 per crate for buying into two different categories: party or family themed. Crates will be shipped out four times a year.

“We’ve seen the subscription trend and how strong it has become outside of our industry and we thought ‘Gamers are into their games and they want to try new games all the time,’ said Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, in an interview with Fortune. “It is a perfect marriage for the gaming category.”

While Kiwi Crate and other startups have already launched subscription-based concepts for toys, Hasbro’s (has) effort is the first for a large toy company. And Hasbro thinks the subscription service can tackle a big market, as there are 2.1 billion people globally that play games regularly.

Berkowitz explained that the party themed boxes will incorporate more “edgy” games that are ideal for adults, while the family crate is for all different ages and more inclusive. Hasbro built a new separate team within the broader Hasbro Gaming segment that will focus exclusively on the Hasbro Gaming Crate service. The idea is that all the games that will be shipped will be new—so consumers that order the crate won’t be getting boxes of Candy Land and Jenga shipped to their homes.

The service is also a way for Hasbro to innovate at a faster pace than is typical for the industry. And if consumers really love

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