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Families.  You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  We are in the middle of a family drama right now in the U.S.A., and have yet to see how that will turn out.  We all hope for the best, I am sure, and in the meantime, I am reminded of a family drama that played out in a quite different, though equally dramatic fashion, in the 18th Century while this nation was being formed.

In the early 18th Century in London, England, four sons were born to Emanuel Howe, 2nd Viscount Howe, and his wife, Charlotte, who was the illegitimate half-sister of King George I.  These remarkable four fellows, George, Richard, Thomas and William, all went on to become highly capable officers, serving their country proudly and honorably in various military capacities during their lifetimes.   The two who would have an impact on American lives would be Admiral Richard Howe, and General William Howe.

William joined the British Army when he was 17, and fought brilliantly in various European conflicts until, at the rank of Major General, was sent to military service in America.  For years before this assignment, he had made it very clear in Parliament and other venues that he was “generally sympathetic to the American colonies” and asserted that “the entire British army could not conquer America.”    When King George called on him to serve, Howe accepted, claiming that “if he did not, he would suffer the odious name of backwardness to serve my country in distress.”

The General sailed for America in March, 1775, accompanied by fellow Major Generals Henry Clinton and John Burgoyne, and upon arriving in Boston in May of that year, discovered that war had in fact broken out.   Howe was assigned to serve as second in command under General Thomas Gage, who

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