Gaming marathon for Andrew Finch's family – KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A Wichita video gaming club is pulling extra hours on Saturday night to honor a man who was shot and killed by police in December after a swatting call.

“It’s not an ordinary night here at Next Level Cafe for some of Wichita’s online gaming community. Some of them will be here 12 hours straight to raise money for Andrew Finch’s family.”

Viet Hoang hasn’t gotten much sleep but he says it’s for a good cause and he has helped.

“For one, a group gamers, when they heard about this 72-hour event, they knew that was going to be hard on me and a lot of them ended up volunteering their time to just help out, completely for free.”

Hoang decided to host the 72-hour fundraiser because he wanted to both help the Finch family and show the good side of the gaming community.

“That hit really close to home. I mean it’s literally close to home here in Wichita, you know? But more importantly, I’ve been around the gaming community and I’ve seen a lot of the good and it really stinks to see that the spotlight’s on the bad.”

Event organizer Thanh Dinh agrees about the negative stereotypes of online gamers.

“While I think the majority of gamers are nice people- they’re just trying to have fun and enjoy the experience- and it just sucks that the small minority is what’s ever known about the majority of it.”

Dinh even says he connects with the online gaming community for their love of a shared interest.

“I like to meet new people with these connections as well and just hear other people’s life stories while gaming and just enjoy their presence.”

And through a tragedy, the Wichita online gaming community is bringing

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