From the game that lets you see through the eyes of a drone to a VR joystick you control with your FEET: The future … – Daily Mail

Gaming firms showed of amazing new platforms at CES in Las Vegas this weekAugmented reality and virtual reality systems were popular across the exhibitsA firm unveiled 3D Rudder, which lets you control VR movement with your feetOthers showed off systems to make you a better athlete, or see what drone sees 

Incredible new gaming systems that aim to take players’ experiences to the next level once again dominated CES, with everything from virtual and augmented reality platforms to battling home robots.

Square Off showed their popular AI chess board, which uses a hidden robotic arm and magnets to move the pieces by itself – giving it an appearance much like the enchanted chess board from Harry Potter.

And, Drone Interactive demonstrated an amazing new game that combines drones and VR, giving you a first person look at what your tiny craft is seeing as you fly it around and shoot virtual bugs.

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Drone Interactive demonstrated an amazing new game that combines drones and VR. With the VR headset on, you can see exactly what the drone is seeing – plus virtual bugs that you have to shoot down. And, you don’t have to worry about crashing

These are just a handful of the innovative new gaming systems on display at CES this year.

Some weren’t solely for entertainment; Sense Arena, for example, demonstrated a VR system that works with an HTC Vive and a connected backpack to help improve your hockey skills.

The team showed how moving their smart hockey stick guides your actions in the game, to help teach the player how to respond in different situations.

And, the aim is

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