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I’ve been to a few panels at PAX Australia this year, but one of my personal favourites was “What’s Driving The Future Of PC Gaming”, which featured an all-star cast including the man behind Star Citizen, Chris Roberts. Listening to a number of smart people discuss the future of the PC as a gaming device was a pleasure. Here were some of my favourite insights from the panel.

1. Alienware Believes The Living Room Is The Future

In fact, they’re banking on it, to the point where one of their living room focused devices comes packed with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, because it suits lounge room gaming.

“There are thousands of games on Steam,” said Joe Olmsted, a Product Development Manager at Alienware, “and hundreds of those are playable with a controller.

“Since we’ve started this project we’ve seen so many devs come out with multiple person ‘couch’ games.”

One of the games referenced was the Australian-made Screencheat. A game that works best with four people in the same space, using controllers in a living room situation. We’re seeing more and more of these kind of games being released on PC, says Olmstead.

2. Oculus Thinks Virtual Reality Is The “Final Platform”

What does that mean exactly? Well, it doesn’t mean that virtual reality is for everyone, or that virtual reality will be the only platform on PC. Callum Underwood, the Developer Relations Manager at Oculus VR was adamant that other ways of using PC gaming will continue to exist long after the commercial release of the Oculus Rift. He even acknowledged that not everyone will enjoy virtual reality.

When Callum said that Oculus expects virtual reality to be the final platform, I’d suggest he’s referring to the fact that it is about as far as we can go in terms of an actual …read more

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