EXCLUSIVE: I ran poker parties for Leo, Tobey and their billionaire friends, blew the millions it made me and now I … – Daily Mail

Molly Bloom ran high stakes poker parties in LA and New York, which Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire visited, making up to $4m a yearSpeaking to DailyMailTV, she says: ‘I was in so deep and it had become so dangerous. I was assaulted by a mobster and it was just so stressful’The 39-year-old was busted by the FBI in April 2013 and charged along with 33 others over a $100m illegal gambling ring and money laundering operationBloom has since returned to her hometown near Denver, Colorado, and lives a quiet life – hanging out with her grandma and going to bed at 8.30pmThe former millionaire said she hopes she can pay back her mother Charlene, who remortgaged her home to pay for Bloom’s legal billsBloom said: ‘I’m still in debt, I’m still upside down. But I have faith if I just keep suiting up and showing up, moving the needle forward, it’s going to be resolved’ Her memoir, Molly’s Game, was picked up as a movie, which stars Jessica Chastain, and was nominated for a Golden Globe

Molly Bloom seemed to have it all: a job hosting high stakes poker parties for the super-rich and super-famous that brought in up to $4 million a year in tips and a chic Manhattan apartment.

But in April 2013, it all came crashing down when she was arrested by the FBI and charged along with 33 others over a $100 million illegal gambling ring and money laundering operation.

Now her dramatic fall from grace is the subject of Golden Globe nominated movie Molly’s Game, based on a memoir she wrote while living at her mother’s home in Keystone, Colorado, on bail.


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