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STATEN ISLAND — What was former cop Pedro Abad’s actual blood alcohol level at the time of the March 2015 wrong-way crash that killed two men in his car?

William Dunn, a forensic toxicologist called by the prosecution, testified Friday that Abad’s reported .24 blood alcohol level could have been even higher, perhaps as high as .273 percent, after accounting for the time that passed after the early morning collision.

But on cross examination, Abad’s attorney, Mario Gallucci, pressed Dunn about whether he knew what medical treatment Abad received after the crash. Gallucci asked Dunn whether life-saving techniques and IV fluids given to Abad may have affected the .24 percent blood-alcohol content, which is three times the legal limit.

“You have no idea what he was given, and you have no idea what took place from the time they extricated him from that car to the blood draw, correct?” Gallucci asked.

“Yes,” Dunn replied.

Gallucci said propofol, an analgesic, contains ethanol alcohol, and if given to Abad, could have altered the result.

He also objected to Dunn being qualified as an expert after quizzing him about his degrees and noting he did not have a doctorate degree or formal medical training. Judge Mario Mattei overruled that objection, however.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Palladino, in response, asked Dunn if Abad’s BAC could actually have been even higher at the time of the crash.

Dunn said, yes, IV fluids given to Abad may, in fact, have diluted his blood and lowered the alcohol content.

The jury was shown photos of tubes of Abad’s blood with a yellow label indicating his name and the time the blood was drawn — 6:17 a.m. on the morning of the crash.

Dunn also said Abad’s BAC may have been as high as .273 percent, after accounting for the

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