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Employees at Twin River Casino are on strike.

Valet workers have been out on the picket line since Friday afternoon. The workers are unionized but say they aren’t getting a fair deal when it comes to their health benefits.

The strike included more than just valet workers but other unionized employees who stand in solidarity.

“These men and women are strong teamsters. There are kids that are fighting for their way. Some members are young, some are in their 30s just starting out with families. We’re not going to break,” said Matthew Maini, Union Business Agent.

The union says the health care costs are the only thing keeping the casino from agreeing on a contract for valet workers.

“These guys went from a $600 deductible on a family plan to a $9,000 deductible and they make $4.50 an hour. They’re a tip based employ,” said Maini.

RIPTA Buses aren’t bringing patrons all the way down to the Casino location and some workers from other departments support the strike.

In a statement from a spokesperson obtained by NBC 10, “demonstrations being created outside on the roadways by the strikers is not keeping with our customer service philosophy, nor does it reflect the guest experience occurring inside.”

The strike is set to end early Sunday morning but Union Members hope this convinces Twin River leaders to negotiate a deal they feel is fair.

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