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The vote was the same as the preliminary approval the ban received on Oct. 23. Council members Bobbie Osterberg, Bob Kuhlman and Dave Benson voted for it while Todd Jensen and Virgil Batesole opposed it.

There wasn’t a public hearing this time — just a passionate plea from Jensen, the only smoker on the council. He pressed the council to stop imposing “social morals” on people with an ordinance that he said goes beyond the authority of state and federal government.

“I urge all of you to reconsider passing this and starting down this slippery slope of over-regulation,” Jensen said.

Jensen said the issue wasn’t about health. “We’ve received numerous documents from both sides of the issue, supporting their health-related stance and there is not a single person on this council smart enough to make an intelligent health-related decision based on the information we’ve been supplied.”

Jensen said he has a problem with Horizon Public Health and one of its educators, Amy Reineke. He said they keep trying to eat away at people’s rights. As an example, he said that a short time ago, the council was asked to consider banning the sale of vaping products within 1,000 feet of school, churches and daycares. “They just keep … pushing above and beyond what the state has even been willing to do so far,” he said.

Jensen added that his issue with Reineke goes beyond that. He said that she was so “zealous in pursuit of getting her way that she goes too far and crosses lines.”

Days before the Oct. 23 meeting, Reineke emailed all the council members and asked to speak to them individually by phone to lobby her stance, Jensen said. If she did “chain lobby” and share with council members what other council members told her, this

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