DJ fights alcohol addiction on airwaves –

DENVER – Every day, thousands of people would listen to Senen “Slim” Rodriguez on the radio. And none of those thousands of listeners ever realized he was struggling with alcoholism.

“I was putting a smile on my face in an effort to entertain the city. But I was going home and I was miserable,” said Rodriguez, who is a DJ for FLO 107.1 and Jammin’ 101.5.

“I’m waking up in the morning, and I have a hangover from last night. So I’ve got to stop at the liquor store on my way to work.”

Rodriguez is candid about his addiction. It’s a story he felt he needed to share with his listeners and his followers on social media when he began his journey to sobriety more than a year ago.

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“I needed everybody to know that I was an addict,” he said, “I needed to make sure I could go nowhere without people knowing that I have a problem so that people could be aware.”

Rodriguez had a long way to go, considering the patterns of alcohol abuse he’d developed.

“I got off work at 6 o’clock. And by 7:30, I’m passed out drunk in my house,” he said.

He says he would even make quick trips to liquor stores when he wasn’t on the air and have a drink or come back to the studio with a drink. And it only got worse when he wasn’t working.

“I’m coming home for the weekend, and I’m buying that bottle of Vodka that’s this big. And I’m getting into my bed at 8 o’clock on Friday and I’m holding that bottle and I’m drinking that bottle all weekend long,” he said.  “Not even leaving the bedroom.”


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