Derek Carr headlines nine NFL stars who should be paid NOW –

The offseason is starting to get a tad quiet. That needs to change. It’s high time for teams to get ahead on contracts. When it comes to certain building-block players on certain teams, management just needs to … PAY THE MAN!

Here is my list of guys who deserve new money now, Schein Nine style:

1) Derek Carr, QB, Oakland Raiders

Age: 26
Free agent in: 2018

Colleague Michael Silver broke the story this week that Carr’s camp is getting frustrated with the pace of negotiations on a new deal. Well, the quarterback should be frustrated. It’s absurd that it is taking this long. Back in February, Carr said on my SiriusXM Radio show that he thought there was a realistic chance they would reach a deal by March 9 and the start of free agency! Not so much …

Carr is not only a great player — he got my Associated Press vote for MVP last season — but he’s a true leader in every sense. He gets it. And that’s crucial, as the team prepares for a move to Las Vegas. Carr stressed to me that he wanted to get a long-term pact done before training camp, so it won’t be a distraction or a topic any of his teammates have to deal with. We are still a few months away from panic, but if the Raiders don’t sign him by mid-July, then it’s disrespectful, counterproductive and flat-out wrong.

Derek Carr is a star and the epitome of class. You don’t let him dangle in a contract year.

2) DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans

Age: 24
Free agent in: 2018

At the age of 24, Hopkins is already a legit No. 1 receiver. In 2015, you could argue he was a top-three wideout in the NFL —

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