Dallas Stars might trade the 3rd overall pick in the NHL draft, which makes no sense – SB Nation

So the NHL draft lottery was a shocker. The Devils, Flyers, and Stars own the top three picks. I know, right? Two of those teams are kind of good. Life is unfair. And sports hate you.

But good news for you fans of bad teams: It sounds like the Stars want to move that third pick. Here’s Stars general manager Jim Nill talking to SiriusXM NHL Network this week, as reported on by Stars writer Mark Stepneski:

“I have talked to other teams already about possibly moving that pick, getting an established player back,” Nill said during an interview on SiriusXM NHL Network. “It gives us lots of options.”

“We know there are lots of choices at three. It’s not like the top five or six are set in stone. Everyone has talked about the top two and then after that there is probably a group of ten players,” Nill said. “I think it is going to come down to team’s personal preference. Are you looking for a big, strong centerman? Are you looking for a scoring winger? Are you looking for a power forward? There are lots of different options there.”

Well that’s interesting. Also unlikely. I’m not buying it yet.

But for the sake of fun, baseless speculation, let’s figure out what a trade for the third overall pick would look like.


I went back through the 2011 draft to see what trades were made for top picks. Note that I only looked for picks in the top 15ish of the first round and trades that were made after the draft lottery or on draft day. That’s how the Stars will move their pick, so that’s the criteria.

Oddly enough, there was a handful of notable deals!

Note that the highest pick traded over the

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