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I hate it when general managers and team decision-makers make boneheaded moves. I’ve seen firsthand during my time in and around the NFL just how much of the regular season is based on offseason moves—and how dumb moves can bring unfair criticism. 

Fans are usually quick to blast a new coach for performing poorly or criticize a player for being overpaid. More often than not, though, it’s some stupid offseason decision that really lies at the root of the matter. Whether it’s ego, a case of personal relationships getting in the way or a general manager sitting too deep in the weeds to see the big picture, some decisions aren’t made with the best interests of the team in mind.

I can tell you this: NFL executives hate to be wrong. They’ll give multiple chances to high draft picks they’ve selected and they’ll turn their backs on those against whom they have a personal issue. Sometimes they’ll actually outsmart themselves in an effort to appear smarter than their peers.

It might make the executive feel good at the time, but this thick-skulled approach more often than not comes back to hurt a team in the regular season. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen a number of boneheaded moves in the 2017 offseason—I’m going to run down the biggest ones here.

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Look, on very rare occasion I’ll disagree with John Elway. He’s done a tremendous job of running the Denver Broncos organization since taking over. I have to say, though, I’m going to disagree with him this year.

This offseason, Elway may have made

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