Cavs fall flat in LeBron’s return – ESPN

CLEVELAND — Wearing a Pharrell Williams-style hat, LeBron James worked the receiving line outside the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room for more than a half hour late Thursday night.

It was deep, too: Lots of VIPs had flown in or been invited and James gave his coveted face time to family members, business associates and friends-of-the program types. There was a plane to Chicago but no need to catch it. It was going to wait for him.

It was the final scene of what felt like a wedding day, an over-the-top extravagance that most everyone rationalizes by adding once-in-a-lifetime tags. OK, so sometimes it’s twice in a lifetime. The Cavs, for example, celebrated their second marriage to James by buying a scoreboard and 3D floor projection system that cost them about as much as the $21 million they’re paying James this season. They even gave all the fans packets of confetti to mimic James’ freshly-returned chalk toss, adding to the theme.

Ultimately, marital success isn’t determined by just the wedding day and nor will it be for the Cavs after they were outplayed by the New York Knicks in a 95-90 loss. Leave it to the Knicks to steal the show when they weren’t getting proper attention, which is rarely the case.

The emotion that poured out from the fans was predictable but still poignant. From the crowd standing throughout during warmups to everyone raising their hands to fit into a well-executed and well-placed Nike ad just before tipoff, it was everything everyone figured it would be. Despite the thousands of dollars some of the tickets went for on the secondary market for this game, had they just cleared out the arena after the tension release of James’ introduction there may not …read more

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