Poker ace: Shrewsbury's Tom takes his winnings past £1 million mark –

Tom Hall is celebrating his latest win after taking the title in a major tournament against some of the best players in the world.

The 28-year-old triumphed in the 888Live Festival London Main Event, picking up the title, trophy and a mouth-watering £78,888.

He battled through 427 entries in the three-day competition held in London and took on 27-year-old Ning Lu in a game which finally ended at 4.30am on Tuesday morning.

The full time poker player faced an uphill battle as he had half the number of chips as his opponent but admits he felt in control and was confident his wider experience would pay off.

To date he has won more than £1 million in tournament prize money, with his biggest payday being the £173,000 he picked up in Prague last December, when he again came out ahead of a formidable line-up of top players.

And he is not the only winner – his parents, Sharon and Martin, and younger brother Adam, will be getting a slice of his winnings.

“It is nice for me to be able to win it for them,” he said. “They don’t play poker but they are totally supportive of what I do.”

But it was not all plain sailing for Tom, who dropped out of his studies at Nottingham Trent University after failing his first-year exams not once but twice.


He said: “I took maths but failed my end of year exams. So I restarted. This time I studied maths and computing. But when I failed again, I knew university wasn’t for me and dropped out. I had begun to play online poker and was getting good results.

“Since then it has become my life and I absolutely love the game.”

The main event at the 888Live

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Crown faces poker machine investigation – Sky News Australia

The major federal parties are dodging their responsibility to investigate serious money-laundering allegations against Crown casino, independent MP Andrew Wilkie says.

He is demanding an independent inquiry into whistleblowers’ allegations that Crown illegally modified machines to increase gambling losses, ignored drug use and domestic violence, and let gamblers get around money laundering laws.

‘The allegations that I tabled (in Parliament) yesterday were most serious and a parliamentary inquiry is needed to get to the bottom of them,’ Mr Wilkie said on Thursday.

‘That the Labor party and the Liberal party are both sidestepping the issue shows that they continue to grovel to the poker machine industry.

‘The serious allegations include money-laundering, and that of course is a serious federal offence.’

Mr Wilkie has written to the Australian Federal Police and says he wants a criminal investigation alongside an independent inquiry.

Federal government frontbencher Mitch Fifield said any inquiry was a matter for Victoria, adding casino regulation was not a federal responsibility.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten hosed down the prospects of a Senate inquiry, saying the upper house was not a police force.

‘These are very serious allegations but I believe that the police in Victoria and the gambling regulator in Victoria is best positioned to deal with state law,’ he told reporters.

Senators Nick Xenophon and Jacqui Lambie also want an independent inquiry, as do the Greens.

‘My concern is that the whistleblowers have lost confidence in the regulatory authorities,’ Senator Xenophon told Nine Network.

The Victorian Commission for Liquor and Gambling Regulation says it’s taking the allegations ‘extremely seriously’.

But the whistleblowers said the VCGLR’s oversight had been inadequate, and Victoria’s Auditor-General backed them up in a report in February when it found the commission did not focus enough on the serious risks at Crown.

‘It’s the Victorian gambling

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The World Poker Tour and ELC Gaming Unite for an E-Sports/Poker Festival – PokerTube

19 Oct

Ourgame’s World Poker Tour and ELC Gaming celebrated the first Poker/E-sports festival.

Tying poker and e-sports together into a single event just makes sense. There is a lot of crossover appeal, and many well-known poker players started out as e-sportsmen, notably Doug Polk and Elky. 

So when the owner of Allied E-sports, Ourgame, bought World Poker Tour, it was only a matter of time before this union became a reality.

The event was the first in a partnership between the two Ourgame brands, Allied’s ELC Gaming and the World Poker Tour and it took place at the Holland Casino in Amsterdam. 

Inside the casino players could enjoy the usual events in the poker series while those on the outside could check out “Big Betty”.

And what a dame she is!

“Big Betty”, is ELC Gaming’s 18-wheel mobile e-sports arena. With a width of 12,3m, a length of 21,5m, and height of 5,2m it features a fully equipped build-in production studio for TV-Distribution and Live Streaming. It includes a control room, commentator booth and stage moderators for expert panels. 

The event took place October 9 to 15. It featured a variety of poker and e-sport games but the highlights were the WPT Netherlands Main Event and ELC Gaming’s Overwatch Legend Series final, which were won by Ioannis Konstas and ENCE E-sports, respectively. 

How did the attendees react to these two worlds meeting each other?

Going by social media, they apparently didn’t react to it at all. 

Beyond the few curious onlookers pictured above, social media activity doesn’t reflect much of a crossover between the e-sport and poker audiences during the event. At least not in the way that Ourgame probably expected.  

However, this is unlikely to dissuade them from

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Two Maine legislators: Approve York County casino and reap the many benefits – Press Herald

If the lawmakers and citizens of Maine can agree on one thing, it’s that Maine can always use a little more revenue. They don’t necessarily agree on how to raise it, spend it or save it, but with the passage of a budget in July that can reasonably be called austere, everyone can agree that a little more money wouldn’t hurt.

Why then would we want to turn up our collective noses at a proposal to raise an additional $45 million per year in tax-free revenue?

We are referring to Question 1, the ballot initiative that would create a gaming and entertainment venue in York County. It would be responsible for $248 million in revenue over the next five years, not to mention more than 5,000 jobs. And it will cost the taxpayers of Maine nothing more than the gas it takes to drive to the polls in November.

There will be no hidden taxes. If anything, property taxes may go down as a result of this initiative. Question 1 conjures up $11 million a year for Maine’s Department of Education, $3 million for tuition relief, $3 million in property tax relief, $2 million to the General Fund, and more than $1 million for drug education and addiction prevention. This is meaningful revenue coming at no expense to the state nor the citizens of Maine. Casinos already give the state roughly $50 million a year in similarly tax-free returns, and we now have the chance to almost double that.

Investment in Maine that produces revenue and other benefits for the state is a good thing. We entered the gaming industry more than a decade ago. Now there is an opportunity to expand on that and help the industry grow further, to the benefit of all.

This includes one of Maine’s

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'Robot, beer me!' – Chico News & Review

PicoBrew’s “Pico C” homebrew machine.



Making beer used to require a bucket, some grain, hops and yeast. The newest homebrewing setups include software, and it’s almost impossible to run them without a smartphone.

Welcome to the future, where beerbots, or automated brewing machines, could be poised to revolutionize homebrewing. These countertop appliances turn raw ingredients into beer with relatively little required of the human homebrewer. Unsurprisingly, the companies that make them seem to be marketing them toward moneyed millennials who like techy gadgets that do stuff for you and, possibly, have only marginal interest in learning how to actually make beer.

Indeed, some beerbot models, like the forthcoming units from MiniBrew and iGulu, are almost entirely automated. The human homebrewer must only momentarily set down his or her smartphone to add the ingredients and press a button. In some cases, brewing is started with a tap of the phone screen. Two weeks later, the homebrewer has beer.

“In one sense, it takes all the fun out of brewing,” says Jeremy Marshall, Lagunitas Brewing Co.’s brewmaster. “It’s kind of like a TV dinner that you just put in the microwave.”

That said, Marshall uses a beerbot—specifically the PicoBrew Zymatic system—in the Petaluma brewery’s fermentation lab. Marshall says he and his staff have used the appliance to test specialty varieties of grain. The same tests could be run in a traditional homebrewing bucket, too.

“But this way we can just add the ingredients and start it running, and go off and take care of the other work we already have to do,” he said.

On the day that the Lagunitas team first used their Zymatic system, the brewery’s Wi-Fi was working sporadically.

“We literally couldn’t make beer because we couldn’t

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