Australia's Crown Says Fined by Chinese Court Over Gaming Offences – New York Times

By REUTERSJune 26, 2017

(Reuters) – Australia’s Crown Resorts Ltd said on Monday that 16 of its employees were fined a total of A$1.67 million ($1.27 million) by a Chinese court for breaching the country’s gaming marketing laws.

Of the 16 defendants who were charged, 11 were also sentenced to nine-month jail terms, with the remaining five to a period of 10 months. Another three defendants were not fined or sentenced to any jail time.

The case – part of a wider crackdown on gambling in China – has forced Crown to tear up its strategy of luring wealthy Chinese to the casino hub in the Chinese territory of Macau and instead shift its focus back home. Crown said it would pay its employees’ fines ex gratia.

(Reporting by Sandhya Sampath in Bengaluru. Editing by Jane Wardell and Simon Cameron-Moore)

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Grifton looks to clamp down on gaming – Greenville Daily Reflector

GRIFTON — Grifton officials hope to limit how many gaming businesses can set up in town.

Grifton Manager Joe Johnson plans to present an ordinance that would put limits on electronic gaming and bingo businesses to the Grifton Board of Commissioners at the board’s July 11 meeting.

The board voted 4-0 June 13 to cancel the workshop meeting that would have fallen on July 4 and to meet an hour early at 6 p.m. July 11. Commissioner Mike Coles was not in attendance June 13.

The board also voted June 13 to hold a public hearing July 11 on a temporary moratorium on gaming and bingo type businesses in the town’s business districts. The proposed moratorium was intended to give Johnson time to work on the ordinance limiting such businesses.

After discussion with the town attorney, however, he now plans to present an ordinance to the board for a vote July 11, meaning the moratorium will not be needed, Johnson said.

The goal of the ordinance will be to give the town more control of how many gaming and bingo businesses open in town and where they open.

Two businesses with electronic gaming machines and one bingo business have opened in recent months, according to Johnson.

“I don’t want us to be overrun, and I want something in place to control the development of these businesses,” Johnson said. “There is nothing in our ordinances now to help me keep these industries from overrunning us.”

It is not intended to permanently keep gaming and bingo out of Grifton, he added.

“I’m not trying to stop these businesses from opening, I’m just trying to put something in place to control how many we have,” Johnson said.

The ordinance will include restrictions such as the distance required between businesses of the same type,

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Nintendo: Doubling Down on Mobile Gaming – Barron's

Nintendo’s (7974.JP) mobile gaming business has been playing second fiddle to Switch in recent months as the hit console powered shares of the Japanese gaming company to their highest level since 2008.

But Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal urges investors to pay close attention to mobile gaming as Nintendo is doubling down on the business and making prudent changes to its mobile game plan:

Learning from its experiences of the last 6 months, Nintendo mobile game plan is changing / evolving (and will continue to evolve over next 2-3 years as it learns more): While most of the investors (we met on a recent roadshow) believed that Nintendo is slowing down / dialing down on mobile games), our meeting with Nintendo management convinced us that Nintendo is all the more committed to mobile-games. Six months back it had launched its first mobile game – (SMR) Super Mario Run with a Premium price model. That simply failed due to pricing model. And then it launched Fire Emblem with Freemium price model. That game did really well in the first month, but users used up all the content in less than a month. This was its first inning (out of 9). It is now working on more mobile games and addressing issues that it identified earlier (like pricing model or the depth of the game at initial launch). For its next game, Nintendo is working to make sure that the content is extensive enough at the starting point. We believe Nintendo’s mobile games will go from strength to strength.

A big test for Nintendo’s mobile gaming business is the relaunch of Pokemon Go.

With Pokémon Go, TPC (The Pokémon Company) and Niantic had a huge hit on their hands in July last year. But they also have taken time to

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Japan's Casinos Don't Need High Rollers – Bloomberg


Is Japan’s $40 billion casino industry about to be strangled in its cradle?

That’s one way of looking at proposed regulations that would effectively ban junket operators from the gambling resorts the country is due to start opening early next decade. Activities such as exchanging money for chips and lending money for wagers will have to be handled in-house rather than farmed out to third parties, Isabel Reynolds and Takashi Hirokawa of Bloomberg News wrote Wednesday.

Such a crackdown would certainly deal a mortal blow if implemented in Macau. The territory’s big six resorts rely on junket operators to recruit mainland high rollers to its gaming tables, and get around rules that prevent Chinese residents from taking more than $50,000 a year out of the country.

Aces High

VIP gambling makes up the majority of Macau’s gaming revenue

Source: Bloomberg

Even in recent years when Beijing has tried to rein in the activities of high rollers, VIP gambling, where junkets predominate, has made up between 50 percent and 60 percent of Macau’s casino revenue.

That’s just revenue, though — and any business with an eye to investment will want to pay attention to earnings, too. On that front, the advantages of VIP gambling are much less apparent, because high rollers are notoriously low-margin customers.

A table dedicated to a VIP gambler can see tens of millions of dollars staked over the course of a night. That’s attractive to casino owners both in terms of productivity per square meter of property, and cash liquidity for the casino as a whole.

Win Some, Lose Some

VIP games make up the vast majority of bets at Las Vegas Sands’ Macau casinos, but mass-market games score more revenue

Source: Bloomberg, Gadfly calculations

VIP gamblers aren’t stupid, though. They overwhelmingly play baccarat, where the probabilities are only slightly more

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Xbox One X Won't Break Console Gaming Or Lead To New Systems Every Year Says Micrsosoft –


(Photo: Microsoft)

For nearly four decades gaming consoles have been sold on longevity and affordability – if you buy a new console, you know you’ll get around five years of entertainment out of it, without breaking the bank. Or, at least, that’s how things used to be.

This generation both Sony and Microsoft have bucked tradition, introducing the powered-up “half-step” PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X at a premium price. These new machines can do some cool things, but some gamers worry they may mark the death of the traditional console lifecycle.

Well, Xbox director of product management Albert Penello insists that’s not the case. According to him, the Xbox One X launch will be handled with the utmost of care, so as not to “break” the console business

“We’ve had eight console generations since 1977, and it’s always worked one way. We’re introducing a new way and we’ve got to think through every part, from the developer, to the customer, to naming, to messaging make sure that we respect what’s awesome about consoles when we introduce this idea.

We’re not doing different packages or names and we didn’t do a new controller – those were all very thoughtful things about trying to ease customers into this new idea. I don’t want to break consoles, I love console gaming. I don’t want to go to a new console system every year either, I don’t think anybody wants to do that, but who knows what kind of new technologies people are going to think up.”

Okay, it sounds like Microsoft has its head in the right place, but what about Sony? It’s rumored they may be launching another new PlayStation as early as next year. If Sony makes a move, will Microsoft have to push out another

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