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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has gone out of its way to be extra exciting this year with a non-stop array of gunfights and explosions, starting in the season 8 premiere and continuing week to week, living up to the “All Out War” name of this current comic storyline.

This week produced the best episode of the season to date, and honestly, probably one of the best episodes in the past year or two, a story that focused on the slow breakdown of Ezekiel after he survives a Savior ambush. It was a fantastic episode and I highly recommend you watch it even if you’ve been disappointed with the show as of late.

But there were other aspects of the episode that were…less good. Specifically, this episode highlighted something that the show has struggled with for years, but last night it actively made some would-be badass scenes worse.

I’m talking about how The Walking Dead seems to have very little idea how guns actually work.

Now, I’m no gun person. While I’ve shot some on the range, I don’t own any nor possess an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms.


The Walking Dead

But I have watched thousands of hours of action movies and TV shows, and The Walking Dead is one of the only times that how poor the gunplay looks, sounds and feels really stands out to me. Even if the way The Walking Dead uses guns isn’t realistic, to me, it’s not even “movie/TV realistic” either.

I can remember as far back as season 3 when the gang got their hands on automatic rifles for the first time. There were these scenes where they were fighting off walkers or invaders, but their

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