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LONDON, April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

The Recreational Poker has been the ‘go to’ strategy in the poker world for a while now but there is still a long way to go and many poker rooms are only doing enough to get the headline rather than genuinely protect those wholly unaware.

The reason Bodog brought in all-anonymous tables universally was because ‘pro’ players buy hand-data, via their screenname, and use that data against recreational players. This isn’t being a ‘pro’ player, its cheating. Worse than that, a lot of these genuinely, recreational players don’t even know it’s happening.

Bodog are now taking another step in helping real players enjoy a level playing field with an all-table ‘Quick Seat’ feature. Again some have used this as an option – as they now do with anonymous tables – as an option. But to opt in you have to understand the shady dealings of the sharks, which recreational players do not.

I don’t understand? OK, if somebody steals money from your bank account fraudulently that money is returned to you. You don’t have to ‘opt in’ to this system, it is in place. Bodog poker offers a safety net to ALL players, not just those savvy enough to opt in.

But why should such players be protected? These are the lifeblood of ANY poker room. Firstly, if they have a bad experience their life span is dramatically reduced as they look elsewhere for fun. Secondly, and most vitally, they are the ones that deposit money into the system. Those that cheat tend to only withdraw money from the system so not only are they bad for user experience, they are also bad for liquidity.

We challenge anybody to deny this statement: Bodog is the fairest place to play poker online.

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