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Blockchain is the new alchemy, the fabled method of turning technological lead into gold; if there’s a hole in your business somewhere, be it in security, data sanctity, transaction speed, or even high costs, there’s a good chance blockchain holds the answer. It’s easy to see why just about every industry on earth, from healthcare and banking to housing and automotive, has at least pondered running a business on the blockchain.

Satoshi Nakamoto

While online casino brands have a long history operating on the blockchain and, in fact, might have been some of the first businesses to adopt Satoshi Nakamoto’s landmark database, poker websites remain an outlier, with just two brands offering blockchain-integrated games at present. For an industry obsessed with technological innovation (poker websites were quick to adopt mobile, live streaming and even virtual reality play), the near-complete absence of blockchain is a bit of an anomaly, especially given how easily it slots into the wider niche of the casino industry.

For online poker, blockchain represents an ideal of the decentralized environment, a computer network maintained by players and free of interference. Odds embedded in the blockchain can also be provably fair (a trait that does its own marketing) and there’s no central “vault” where deposits are held, so funds come directly from a player’s own digital wallet. Depending on the transaction speed of a particular cryptocurrency, withdrawals and deposits can be instantaneous.

Heads-up Display

Blockchain tech could feasibly be used in quality-of-life functions in poker too, to store information about past hands, tournament results, historic bankroll transactions and so forth. The immutability of data in the blockchain is a benefit but the decentralised nature of the blockchain means that information could be fed into heads-up displays or mobile phones at any time and from anywhere, without the risk of downtime. It can

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