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What would you give for the chance to make a 3000% return on a single stock trade?

An arm? A leg? Maybe one of each?

Relax, no need to grab a hacksaw! We have info on how you could bank substantial gains just like this….

And it won’t cost you a limb.

Agora Financial’s close friend and financial analyst Wayne Mulligan at has the perfect opportunity for you….

Wayne is one of those guys who knows everything you could ever want to know about the startup industry. Below, Wayne shares his knowledge on a back door way to profit from the marijuana sector that you haven’t heard. With the chance for huge profit potential.Regards,

Amanda Stiltner
for The Daily Reckoning

Better Than Pot Stocks? By Wayne Mulligan

Investors have been making a fortune lately in penny pot stocks.

Small-cap stocks like CV Sciences (CVSI) have exploded in value, going from $2 per share to $147 in just a couple of years.

But one group of marijuana investors is beating all the rest by a landslide…

In fact, on just one of their investments, it’s estimated they earned 2,940 times their money.

That’s not a mistake.

They didn’t make 2,940% on their money… they made 2,940 times their money.

That’s like turning $500 into $1.47 million — with one investment!

Today, we’ll reveal what their secret is…

And then we’ll show you how to get in on this secret yourself.

Progress to Date

Before we dive into this “alternative” strategy for marijuana investments, let’s take a step back…

Let’s quickly review why this industry has been performing so incredibly well.

You see, a decade ago, marijuana could be legally procured in just eight states, and even then, it was only available for medicinal use.

Today, it can be legally procured in half

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