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Positive trends in the brewing industry continue.

The beer industry contributes significantly to the strengthening of the Croatian economy, generating 1.8 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), directly and indirectly employing 23,522 workers, with productivity above the Croatian average, showed the results of the researched conducted by the Zagreb Economics Institute, reports Večernji List on October 26, 2017.

The study on the impact of the brewing industry on the Croatian economy was commissioned by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) and done by the Institute in the period from April to June this year, in order to assess the overall impact which the beer sector had on the economy from 2010 to 2015.

Presenting the results of the study, the Institute’s research team member Marina Tkalec said that the beer production sector in 2015, directly and indirectly, created gross value added in the amount of 4.2 billion kunas, representing 1.8 percent of Croatian GDP. For each kuna directly created by the beer producing sector, another four kunas were indirectly created in the rest of the economy, she said.

Tkalec also stated that the brewing industry in 2015 paid 639 million kunas to the state budget in excises and that the entire value chain paid 2.8 billion kunas in taxes, representing 1.9 percent of the total budget revenues. The data show that on every tax and payroll contribution unit paid directly by the beer producers into the budget, almost five additional tax units were paid indirectly.

The study also showed that the beer sector, directly and indirectly, created 23,522 jobs, representing two percent of the total number of employed persons in Croatia in 2015. For each position in the industry, Tkalec said, another 12 to 13 jobs were indirectly created in the rest of the economy.

“The beer sector

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