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Question: What’s for dinner? Answer: Chicken. I realized with some disbelief that I’ve never shared a chicken recipe in this column.

So, now is the time to show my pluck and wing it.

A few years ago I asked my friend and fellow foodie, who had been an assistant food editor for a Chicago newspaper, what her favorite chicken recipe was.

Her answer was beer can chicken. I thought it would be something more exotic.

Soon I would discover just how right she was.

Beer can chicken is all about moistness and flavor when you roast a heavily seasoned, whole chicken, sitting on a can full of beer.

It will remind you of the whole rotisserie chickens that are kept hot, out in the open in grocery stores, but 100% fresher, more succulent, and straight out of your own oven.

We eat a lot of chicken in the U.S.A. The chicken industry calls chickens raised for meat, broilers.

“The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture projects Americans will eat close to 92 lbs. of chicken per person this year,” said National Chicken Council Senior V. P. of Communication Tom Super.

Caution: The hardest part of this recipe is removing the beer can full of very hot beer from the chicken after roasting.

It helps to have two people doing this. One person to hold the chicken firmly with two forks and the other removing the beer can from the bird with a sturdy, slip resistant pair of tongs.

One person can pull this off if they’re not chicken.

The hot beer will want to spill out but you must get it to the sink with the tongs

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