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NBA commissioner Adam Silver is tinkering, at least so far.

The NBA in five or ten years might look almost entering identical to the NBA we’re watching right now, save for possibly the addition of a few more holograms. The league might still feature 30 teams, all in the current NBA cities. The games could last as long as they do now, the season could start and finish at around the same time, and the road toward the NBA lottery drawing might possibly still be forged by the same rules in hand now.

Or, Silver could attempt to blow things up.

For now, though, he’s still working around the fringes. A recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck revealed as much. The commish didn’t outline any impending plans to make significant changes to how the league operates, and most importantly unlike his predecessor Silver didn’t deem imminent change necessary for the future well-being of the league via the media.

If you have time, take a look:

If you’re looking for blowhard content, a conversation between big brains like Adam Silver and Howard Beck is not the place to seek it out.

Silver doesn’t sign off on guarantees that there will be a franchise out of North America by 2024, he doesn’t currently want to expand the NBA’s number of teams, he would still like to explore lottery reform but isn’t peeling paint off the walls while banging on about it. He’s also listened to the players that told him that 44-minute games aren’t the answer to wearying play, but less compressed travel and scheduling is. He also, shock horror, credited writers for doing the research for the league (I’m paraphrasing, but “research” was his word) when it came …read more

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