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Avery Brewing’s Old Jubilation, posed here at St. Mary’s Glacier, is one of the top-rated winter beers in Colorado. (Photo courtesy of Avery Brewing.)

Now that the weather — finally! — is turning colder, it’s time to celebrate the best time in the beer calendar.

Say what you want about the hoppy beer releases each spring, or the fruity wonders each summer, but the malt and roast flavors that define winter ales offer a good reason to celebrate the season. Colorado’s craft beer makers offer plenty of options for the winter months, from Christmas spiced ales to barrel-aged stouts.

Here’s a guide to some of the tastiest winter beers in Colorado. We consulted with beer buyers at three great Denver bottle shops to compile this list — Mondo Vino, Molly’s and Argonaut. But like any list, it surely misses a few good ones.

The tour starts with …

Lone Tree Brewing’s English Old Ale features the flavors of the holiday season. (Courtesy of Lone Tree Brewing.) Winter and Christmas ales

It seems counterintuitive — like pumpkin beer in August — but most winter and Christmas ales are hard to find in December. One that often disappears by now is the limited release of Upslope Christmas Ale, a spice-forward Belgian beer with dark fruit flavors and a color to match Rudolph’s nose.

Three of the largest Colorado craft brewers own the winter beer scene. Avery Brewing’s Old Jubilation Ale is a stand-out English ale with flavors of caramel, raisins and dried fruit. To add to its accolades, the beer ranked 10th in The Beer Connoisseurs magazine’s 2017 list of holiday beers.

Great Divide Brewing’s Hibernation Ale offers similar flavors in an English-inspired Old Ale, a style that sadly only appears this time of year. The beer offers a malt roast with warming

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