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The can: Owl’s Brew Radler, $10.99 for a six-pack

The back story: There is beer. There is iced tea. And now there’s Owl’s Brew Radler, a new-to-the-market drink that combines the two. The idea is to take a pair of ideal-for-warm weather beverages and build on their strengths together. It’s not necessarily a new idea: The term “radler” refers to a half-beer, half-soda style of sip that originated in Germany almost a century ago and is starting to grow in popularity today, particularly with small brewers.

But this is also a story about an ambitious company looking to expand its product line. Owl’s Brew, which started in 2013, has built its reputation for its tea-based mixers — a “tea crafted for cocktails,” as the company puts it. After seeing its sales surge since its inception, with an average annual growth of 137%, the company felt it was time to get into the ready-to-drink market. Initially, Owl’s Brew considered a bottled cocktail. But co-founder Jennie Ripps explains that she had been enjoying putting her mixers into beer, especially after a long day’s work, so the idea suddenly clicked to go into the beer market. “We felt this was a more interesting space,” she says.

What we think about it: These are unique beverages. The pairing of beer and tea is unexpected and perhaps not for everyone, but certainly worth a try. Owl’s Brew has launched its radler line with three versions: The Blondie (wheat beer with black tea, plus citrus juices and spices): That’s My Jam (amber ale with Darjeeling tea, plus fruit juices, hibiscus flower and lemon peel); and Wicked Watermelon (wheat beer with white tea, plus fruit juices and spices). Of the trio, The Blondie is our favorite — a summery sip that hits the right, semi-sweet notes of

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