A 22-year-old makes a living selling bongs that cost up to $300000 and look like fine china – Business Insider

Grey Art

Ben Milstein is a 22-year-old art collector who deals exclusively in marijuana pipes and bongs. His collection includes more than 500 pieces, ranging in price from $5,000 to $300,000. Milstein hopes to change the stigma around marijuana by elevating drug paraphernalia as fine art.

Ben Milstein, 22, isn’t a typical dealer in the fast-growing marijuana industry.

The up-and-coming art dealer makes a living selling high-end marijuana paraphernalia, including hand-blown glass pipes and bongs, with price tags that run up to six figures.

His company, Grey Space Art, hosts pop-up galleries in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, where enthusiasts can buy these sculptural works. In two years, his collection has grown to include more than 500 pieces made by roughly 80 artists.

Ben Milstein, left, is a 22-year-old art collector that deals exclusively in marijuana pipes and bongs. Grey Space Art

While Milstein said he doesn’t consider the gig a full-time job, he has sold about $350,000 in bongs since May. His private collection, which he said he will never liquidate because it demands “to be seen by more people,” has at least tripled in value over the last two years.

“There’s a reason why I’m in this industry and not buying wall art. It’s about the momentum of the cannabis industry,”Milstein told Business Insider.

Milstein’s success at an age when he’s barely old enough to buy marijuana in states where it’s legal (you must be 21 or older) demonstrates the wide range of opportunities available to entrepreneurs in the fledgling marijuana industry. He’s carving a niche in the club of elite sophisticates that is the art world.

“I’m not selling bongs — I’m selling works of art,” Milstein told us earlier this year.

Milstein graduated high school a semester early and looked to the marijuana

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