7-year-old girl's murder at Nevada casino still haunts 20 years later – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Phil Ramos still sees her smiling face, forever frozen in a photograph.

Her name is Sherrice Iverson, and she was 7 when she was lured from an arcade into a Primm casino restroom 20 years ago, forced into the largest stall, sexually assaulted and slowly strangled before her killer snapped her neck.

A copy of that portrait — her smile wide and earnest — now sits in a cardboard box marked as “evidence” at the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas. The man convicted of her murder, Jeremy Strohmeyer, sits at High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs.

The shocking case started a national conversation on casino security and whether gaming properties should be required to provide child care. Its fallout also led to a new good Samaritan law aimed at protecting child victims of crime.

Ramos, now retired, was one of its lead homicide detectives.

“As investigators, there’s always going to be certain cases you remember forever,” Ramos said this month in his northwest Las Vegas home. “The Sherrice Iverson case is definitely one of those, just because of the dynamics of it: the absolute sheer innocence of the victim, the brutality of how she was killed, and the nonchalant attitude of Jeremy Strohmeyer.”

Strohmeyer, now 38, is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. At the time of the slaying, he was a high school senior, adopted at birth by a well-off Long Beach family, Ramos said. He pleaded guilty to his charges in 1998, and in exchange, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty.

In 2000, Strohmeyer appealed, arguing that his lawyers pressured him to make the deal. In 2006, a federal judge upheld the conviction.

Strohmeyer continues to fight for the possibility of parole. A

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