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It’s hard to imagine a playoff game going much worse than Toronto’s 104-77 Game 3 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

There were two major reasons for the Raptors’ awful showing. First, we’ve reached a point where a playoff team is thoroughly doomed if it can’t shoot 3s. Toronto was 6-for-22 from deep on Thursday as the Bucks dared the Raps to fire away. Rather than defend non-shooters, Milwaukee was happy to camp in the paint and watch the Raptors come up short.

Second, Jason Kidd crushed Dwane Casey in the coaching matchup. The Bucks ran the same play on three consecutive possessions in the second quarter, scoring seven points on those three plays. Then, Milwaukee ran that very play one more time and got another bucket.

Casey didn’t call a timeout, make a substitution, or tell his players to make an adjustment. He merely stood and watched as the Bucks opened up a 27-point halftime lead.

The regular season can hide a coach’s weaknesses. But in the playoffs, your biggest weaknesses are just asking to be exposed. The Bucks were happy to oblige in Game 3.

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