'NBA 2K18' Review: If This Game Was A Player, It Would Be LeBron James – Forbes

LeBron James has his share of haters.

Credit: Brian Mazique

LeBron James in NBA 2K18

Critics nitpick at every one of his perceived shortcomings.

They say “he’s not the best free-throw shooter.” Others cry “sometimes he should take shots late in games as opposed to passing to open teammates,” or “he shouldn’t have left the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first place, and he certainly shouldn’t have done the whole Decision thing.”

Many of those critics take James’ unparalleled athleticism, conditioning and expansive skill set for granted. He’s supposed to be great, and when he is, he gets very little applause. But when he fails, everyone is waiting to throw stones.

The NBA 2K series is a lot like that.

Every year, the game is packed with options, cutting-edge visuals (when compared to other games in the genre) and gameplay that is either good or great. Its best years are like LeBron’s three championship seasons. Its worst is comparable to the years when James guided teams to the Finals or Conference Finals only to fall a little short of the ultimate goal.

In examining NBA 2K18 thoroughly over the past month or so, including extensive hands-on gameplay at home and on location, I can tell you this is indeed a championship season. It’s not completely free of hiccups, but it’s hard not to award this performance with a trophy.

Here’s the good, the bad and the bottom line.

As usual, let’s start out with the positive.

Credit: Brian Mazique

Gameplay Is Great, Please Don’t Patch It

Back in the 1980s, the Association used the slogan, “NBA action..it’s fantastic.” If this game had a similar catchphrase, it would be NBA 2K18 action is fantastic. I’m not caught up in the moment

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